Phonic Books

Wonderful and highly structured series for beginner, catch-up and reluctant readers. Very well regarded.

Dandelion Launchers – progressive synthetic phonics series for beginner readers aged 3-8 (Foundation and KS1) that leads in to and complements the Dandelion Readers series.

Dandelion Readers – for beginner and ‘catch-up’ readers aged 5-8.

Moon Dogs Series – 3 sets of books for older children (8-14+ years) at the very early stages of reading.

Totem series –  1 set of 12 books for older, struggling readers aged 8-14+(reading age KS1).

Talisman series – 2 sets of 10 books that follows on from Totem series for the older struggling reader aged 8-14+ years.

That Dog! – 12 entertaining tales take the pupils from CVC and CVCC word level text through to adjacent consonants, consonant digraphs and common suffixes. Age 8-14+